Why 70% of change projects fail to meet their goals?
Because their teams weren't ready for change.
Every team can be ready to change - Learn how.
Learn how to prepare your
team for change
Our change readiness platform will help improve your digital transformation success.

What we do

We help organizations mitigate resistance to change before the change begins.

90% of the risk to a change initiative comes from the people going through the change. These people might be in the front lines or the C-Suite. What can stall change? Anything from a host of psychological traits to poor communication.

Fear, ambiguity intolerance, "the expert effect", losing influence, or simply not liking the direction of the change can cause staff to check-out, quit or even sabotage a change initiative.

Cirrus helps leaders ready their teams for a coming change, and prepare themselves  to address different types of risk.

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How we do it

Our platform:

Measures the types and amount of risk your team poses to the project.

Provides customized take-action steps so leaders can manage risks.

Educates on best practices for digital transformation.

Provides change team members actionable techniques to support the change.

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We help you identify areas of risk before they impact your project

Measure organizational readiness

How do you know if leaders and their teams are ready for change? Go through the Team Readiness Assessment.

Analyze, advise and
check in

We'll review your responses and provide a risk assessment, so you'll know the areas to focus on for a successful project. The Assessment report provides leaders and the change team with concrete steps to reduce resistance.

Educate on best

The Cirrus Change Accelerator reviews the most essential change success tools, provides case studies and gives you tools to apply what you've learned. A Cirrus Coach is available to help you when you need it.

Is your team ready to change?
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