Almost 70% of change projects fail to meet their goals.
Cirrus Change Management tools and services can help.
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What we believe in
Our cloud-based, remote change management services will help you get more value from your project.

What we do

We reduce the risk that comes with change.

90% of the risk to a change initiative comes from the people going through the change. These people might be in the front lines or the C-Suite. What can stall change? Anything from host of psychological traits to poor communication.

Fear, ambiguity intolerance, "the expert effect", losing influence, or simply not liking the direction of the change can cause staff to check-out, quit or even sabotage a change initiative.

Successful leaders need to orient themselves to the unique nature of change projects and understand how to address different types of risk.

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How we do it

Our cloud-based system will:
Educate leaders to make them aware of sources of risk.
Give leaders tools to manage those risks.
Coach leaders on best practices.
Educate change teams.
Assess the teams who will go through change.
Provide take-action steps customized to each team.

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We help you identify areas of risk before they impact your project

Educate on best change practices.

Plan the adoption with Cirrus' Change Accelerator to avoid problems down the roadHow do you know if leaders and their teams are ready for change? Go through the Cirrus Change Workbook. Cirrus reviews the most essential change success tools, provides examples and gives you space to brainstorm your solutions. Our team is happy to provide coaching services.

Measure organizational readiness.

Cirrus Change Management tools determine if leaders and the team are ready for change. After going through the Change Accelerator and establishing your strategy, take the Cirrus Change leader and team readiness assessments to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We'll review your responses and provide a risk assessment, so you'll know the areas to focus on for a successful project.

Analyze, advise and
check in.

Cirrus checks in with your team during the adoption to measure progress.
Sometimes strategies don't survive contact with reality. Cirrus Change checks in with your team to get feedback and provide insight into where your team needs help. We look at motivation, ability and commitment metrics to understand where you need to add support.

Is your team ready to change?
Find out with tools that educate, measure, analyze & advise.
Start your project off right- sign up for the Cirrus Change Management checklist of best practices. It's free. And losing value is expensive.
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