About Us

Who we are:

Cirrus Change Readiness was created by Starkweather Association Services' team of change practitioners, innovators and technical geeks who wanted to deliver better outcomes to clients who were adopting new technology. 

The change process we developed to help technology adoptions also works for organizational change as well.

Our goal: help organizations master change so they can own their future.

We are a team of research nerds who continue to look for ways to improve the change experience, deliver more value and share the practices that make change easier. We curate both the theory and pragmatics behind best practices, so organizations are ready when it’s time to shake things up and move into the future.   

Change is hard. Everyone knows that. But we found that something was missing from other change systems.  The metrics to drive action were limited. After running hundreds of technical adoption projects and using change management principles and applied psychology, we understood how to ask questions to effectively impact change. We also developed a tool to not only deliver the risk results, but to provide specific actions to mitigate that risk.

Why we do it:

Mastering change is the competency that defines growth and stability.

When we managed technology adoptions in Starkweather Association Services, we encountered organizations that were on their second or third system in six years. People didn’t understand how a wobbly change with poor buy-in and inadequate training created increasing technical debt.

Organizations wasted resources because they didn’t understand the key-drivers to successful technical adoptions. We felt like we were talking to people who continued to look for another new car, rather than a map with directions to their destination. Cirrus Change can stop the cycle of waste and help organizations move forward.

We love hearing our clients say, “I really wish I had known about you years ago,” or “This has made such a difference in our organization.”

The problems Cirrus Change Solves

Secure more value from the change.
When teams aren't engaged, when they don't understand 'What's in it for me?', projects slow and new systems aren't fully utilized.
Bring teams on board with the change and keep them there.
People lose motivation when their expectations aren't met or they feel like the change will compromise their security. Cirrus shows organizations how to engage their teams and keep them connected.
Keep projects on schedule.
When staff understand the project plan, and leaders engage change tactics to keep team focus, projects are more likely to stay on track. Cirrus Change clients have wrapped up technology adoptions early and under budget.
Improve staff utilization
Poor adoptions result in staff who struggle with new tech. The long-term decrease in productivity adds up to massive financial losses if it isn't addressed.
Build internal change competencies
Face the future with confidence as leadership teams have the skills and knowledge to control the constant change. All organizations run into strategic decay, new technology needs and volatile markets that demand agility.
Build a more change-agile culture
The skills that leaders and their change teams learn and apply can have far-reaching impacts within the organization. Change agility and ability to manage ambiguity differentiates top teams from those that struggle.
Is your team ready to change?
Our predictive analytics is designed to provide metrics to help leaders understand staff attitudes, and delivers a customized program of support.

Follow the four-phase system in our platform, designed to deliver the knowledge, tools, workspace and metrics you need to track and succeed with change.

Start your project off right- sign up for the Cirrus Change Readiness checklist of best practices. It's free. And losing value is expensive.
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