Prepare for a successful change with our change readiness platform

To manage change, your organization needs accurate risk data, critical change competencies and tools to drive success. Our platform delivers these so your technology adoption succeeds.

the Cirrus Change Readiness platform:

Understand your risks - Manage behavior - Improve your change process

This strategy delivers replicable success.

The platform includes:

1. The Change Readiness Assessment

Resistance comes with every change. Your organization can be ready for that resistance and mitigate it before it slows down your adoption.

Our assessment explores your team’s perceptions, knowledge, assumptions, and traits.

We provide leaders with a detailed risk-analysis of the types and degree of threats your organization faces, along with clear, take-action steps to avoid those problems.

2. The Change Accelerator

Our executive tutorial has short, powerful videos making critical competencies easy to understand and implement with our custom tools. Cirrus tools equip your organization to put best-practices into use immediately.

Our case studies allow change leaders to learn from other’s mistakes. Your managers will spend less time saying “I can’t believe he’s doing that,” and more time saying, “I was ready for that.”

We help change leaders and change agents understand the categories of change-aggravators, different types of resistance, responses to resistance, ways to plan for success, how to use listening as a strategic tool and more.

Cirrus Change Readiness meets Quality Matters review standard for continuing education. Quality Matters is the global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments.

3. the Cirrus Change coaches will provide help and advice as your organization goes through the process.

Use this platform with your in-house change manager, a contracted change management professional, or you can engage one of our coaches.

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